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 ====== Bash tips: Customize the shell prompt ====== ====== Bash tips: Customize the shell prompt ======
-FIXME+The prompt of Bash can be customized, and can displays several useful informations.
 +The main prompt is stored in the ''​PS1''​ variable of the shell. You can show it with the following command:
 +<code bash>​echo $PS1</​code>​
 +and you can change it by modifying the content of this variable. For example this command will change your prompt:
 +<code bash>​PS1="​This is my new prompt >>>​ "</​code>​
 +If you close your terminal and open it again, the prompt is reverted to the default ; that is normal because you have not
 +save it. For permanently changing you prompt, you have to modify your ''​~/​.bashrc''​ file. The simple way to change your
 +prompt is to add the following line at the end of the file:
 +<code bash>​PS1="​Prompt >>>​ "</​code>​
 +Now let's see the different things that can be displayed in the prompt...
 ===== Prompt Helper ===== ===== Prompt Helper =====
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